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"Crossroads Commercial Real Estate has been providing commercial real estate needs specializing in retail leasing and investment sales in the Tri-Valley area for over 25 years."
"CCRE invokes an approach to leasing and sales that includes aggressive, results oriented, resourceful, and experienced marketing efforts with proven competence and knowledge in investment sales and leasing."

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CA DRE Lic # 00969405
The CCRE Program

CCRE has enjoyed an excellent working relationship within the brokerage community throughout the East Bay Area.  Included in any marketing program undertaken by CCRE is a strong effort to provide timely and accurate information to fellow brokers.  We feel that our reputation for cooperation enables us to enlist the broad support of the entire brokerage community for any marketing project undertaken by CCRE.

CCRE is a project-oriented firm, which brings analytical skills to each task, catered to specific real estate marketing needs.  Each marketing program is tailored to suit each particular property, property owner, and the demographic area of the subject properties.  We seek to represent select retail shopping centers and office buildings, rather than become a clearing house for any and all types of properties.  We believe by focusing on a specific type of project, we can better service our clients.

CCRE utilizes the most up-to-date resources and materials to keep informed of the current market conditions and tenant activities that can change quite frequently.  Constantly keeping informed of the market area leasing activity, rent comparables, concessions, and expenses allow us to relay valuable information to the property owners so that they may be able to consummate the most competitive transaction possible.  Our up to date computer software allows for expedient access of documentation and resources aiding us in keeping stride for stride with each element of the deal.


It is our belief that the successful marketing of a real estate project is determined by the expertise and commitment of the individuals assigned to the project. CCRE stresses strong personal commitment to listed properties.  We believe there is no substitute for daily canvassing efforts, "cold calling" via telephone and door to door fieldwork to maximize results.  Passive marketing techniques (i.e. signage, advertising, brochures, computer systems mailings, etc.) are only effective as a supplement to direct personal contact.  CCRE is committed to providing a superior personal and selling effort on every project we represent.


On a weekly basis, existing business that correlates with specific targeted uses will be contacted.  Using these databases and telephone books, CCRE will call retail users ranging from national and regional chains to the local independent stores in an effort to locate relocating or expanding businesses for the subject properties

CCRE's leasing agents and associates will be distributing brochures in areas adjacent to the site.  (Samples are enclosed)  Personal contact is a very effective leasing technique.  All tenants in the local retail centers in the area will be introduced to the properties this way.

The project shall be submitted to all local and regional brokerage companies in the Bay Area.  CCRE does not hesitate to share a commission.  CCRE maintains continuous contact with the various brokerage firms who specialize in tenant representation, as well as all large and smaller local brokerage companies in the trade area.

We will utilize our vast resources to successfully market the properties as a top location for active chains and franchises looking to expand or relocate in the trade area of the subject properties.  We are constantly surveying to obtain names of retailers who are not currently operating in the area.  The leasing agent will initialize a mass mailer to all chains and franchisees looking to expand near the site or in the surrounding area.  Each chain will be personally contacted by phone within ten days of the mailer.

Depending on their initial response to the site, another follow up letter will be sent out confirming their level of interest.  A strategy that has been highly successful for us in this market is the Owner initiated Proposal.  Given the fact that chains are being inundated with leasing mailers from other brokers and property owners, this strategy is an aggressive way of "cutting to the chase" with specific retailers we are targeting.

Leasing mailers are a multi-step program. Initially, a list of targeted uses (chains and others) is compiled by both the owner and broker.  Pursuant to the list, a leasing brochure is assembled which accents the project's highlights and amenities.  Attached to the brochure are the demographics for the area in radius' of usually 1, 3, and 5 mile circles of the site.  Each mailer will include a cover letter introducing the property and advising the tenant they will be contacted by phone to discuss possible interests in greater detail.


In additional to the promotion received through leasing mailers,  canvassing and cold calling, the property may be advertised in the local newspapers in a column created exclusively for shopping centers to lease.  Also, occasional spot ads will appear to target specific uses for the project.  Advertising in this manner will be at expense of the owner

CCRE subscribes to Loopnet and CoStar, the Internet’s leading commercial real estate marketplace.  The property and its features and highlights along with site plans and building photographs will be posted on the web site which allows brokers and tenants to search for properties in a targeted market area.

Signage is an important and substantial source of leads.  Leasing signs will be appropriately placed on the perimeter of the property as well as in the windows of the available spaces.  All incoming calls are processed in a timely manner, and qualified with the inherent goal of setting an immediate appointment at the project.
CCRE’s signage at other quality locations provides an integral source of leads.  Many times, a caller who has been shown a particular site in the vicinity will determine that the initial site toured does not fit their needs.  By informing the prospect of additional CCRE sites in the vicinity, the prospective tenant's needs are better serviced.
Why Crossroads Commercial Real Estate ("CCRE")?

At CCRE, we share our client’s view that "results are what count".  The results we expect to achieve are: 1) fully executed leases with credit tenants, and 2) a 100% leased investment within a reasonable period of time. We feel that with the combination of our experience in the Bay Area, our aggressive approach in going after tenants and our exposure in the marketplace, we will successfully accomplish the goal of leasing the vacancies with quality tenants in the shortest time frame possible.

With over 25 years of experience in retail and office leasing, Crossroads Commercial Real Estate has utilized a variety of proven strategies that have been time tested in order to obtain the most successful results for both Landlords and Tenants in achieving each party’s goals in the deal making process.

With today’s rapidly growing technology, new and exciting marketing tools and leasing strategies are emerging on a daily basis. CCRE constantly adopts these new technologies and strategies in an effort to achieve the most successful leasing results.

Listed below are just a few of the ongoing marketing strategies used by CCRE and new and advanced techniques are always being updated in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients.